(40) Support Center Brescia Station for homeless

2017, Feb 14 | Actions, Events, News

Two months after opening, lā€™Help Center inaugurated at the Brescia railway station records a good number of users assisted at the counter. That of Brescia is the seventeenth that opened in Italy, within the network ONDS (National Observatory of Discomfort and Solidarity in Italian Railway) established in 2000 by opening the Help Center in Milan.

Located in the premises granted a free loan from the Italian FS Group, the Help Center is managed by the social cooperative The net, on behalf of the City and in direct connection with the Department for Social Policies of the city.

"With the arrival of the High Speed ā€‹ā€‹- he said Domenico Bizarre, CEO of the social cooperative The net – also it reaches a service for vulnerable people, an orientation and reception space station: so that we can be even more helpful to those who come to us "

Lā€™ONDS, at railway stations it has calculated that in 2015 They have been 21.292 the people that They have turned to the Network of Support Center, the first centers support and guidance for homeless opened in several Italian cities, to which is added also now Brescia.

Also here, as in the rest of Italy and all over Europe, the number of homeless has grown a lot in a few years: poverty, that the data of the Istat 6 December signals the 28,7% in Italy, also it includes what has become extreme and regard those who no longer even a bed, nowhere to wash, change clothes and store personal items. Istat has surveyed around 50 thousand in the country and in Brescia, only all'Angolo, historic day care center in the city, in 2015 I have arrived 267, almost double the 143 of the 2005.

If you can not see them, however, the unwitting eyes of their human journey remains invisible their status as persons, completely crushed under the emergency needs that drives them to the canteens, I bedroom, looking for temporary shelters and alms.

What are the help center? Orientation services resulting from the collaboration between the sector Social Policy of the State Railways and local and private social agencies, located inside or in the vicinity of main railway stations.

The help-Brescia center project was started in autumn 2015 and it started with a mobile service listening for the homeless who were stationed near the station, entrusted to operators of the day care center's Corner (the service for the homeless in the city managed by the social cooperative Network).

In constant coordination with the City of Brescia and with organizations that deal with serious marginalization in Brescia, gathered in eg Table
r contrast to the severe marginalization, The network has therefore been following the development of the project and the construction of the office, through the efforts of Alberto Gobbini, vice president of the Network, the manager of the workspace for Fighting Poverty, Lisa Giustacchini, with the collaboration colleague Michela Merigo and the Day Center working group L'Angolo.

Services offered

  • I listen: a meeting place for discussion and reception of distress, placing at the center the relational aspect, as a fundamental moment for a subsequent process of social inclusion;
  • social secretary: orientation activities to local structures for the satisfaction of basic needs (bedroom, people, services for the hygiene of the person, centers that distribute clothing) and to local services that provide health care, bureaucratic and legal;
  • taking charge: realization of custom projects in the short medium and long term, aimed at psycho-social health recovery;
  • social emergency management station: support to the station actors in the crisis resolution through immediate responses to urgent needs;
  • monitoring of social problems of the station: road contact and report and analysis / quantitative attendance and station social dynamics.



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