(42) In Turin, The first trade union for the homeless

2017, Mar 14 | Actions, Events, News

There is a bill of rights for the homeless? No, of course not only does not exist, but people living on the streets, They are pretty invisible at times. For this was born in Turin the idea of ​​a Union for the homeless, in order to protect and self-determine the category, run right by the homeless. The news is Repubblica.it, who interviewed the project promoter, Marco Mascia, 50 years (in the picture, recovery from Repubblica.it site), a year homeless, that also thanks to the technical support of the fio.PSD, He is carrying out with the help of a group of homeless, the idea of ​​establishing an association.

The first spontaneous initiative of the association being formed is the distributing a questionnaire among the homeless Turin to know, according to them, what are the rights that go unclaimed. A starting point for getting to a charter of rights of the homeless. “The questionnaire is a starting point - tells the group that is working on the project - to write the paper we would like to enter into a dialogue with educators, cooperatives, associations, public institutions, private and religious. We were given six months to make the association and write a paper”.

The questionnaire, anonymous, It will need to have a picture of the phenomenon and understand what rights are most felt by the homeless. For example, the right to treatment, to heat up, sheltered, the word, minimum income, to vote without a residence, at home right, the right to choose the social reintegration. “And then there's a blank space to allow everyone the opportunity to write the law that best represents”, He emphasizes Mascia.

Istat indicates for the metropolitan area around 1.800 homeless, but the number could be even higher. Nationally it is estimated that the homeless are the 0,2 percent of the population. The ambition is that the project of the association and the charter of rights from Turin can be exported at national level, but the homeless want to prevent someone put a hat on them. Beginning from politics. “In the association's directors there will be only homeless. And when you lose the status it will also leave the association”, says Mascia.

Only those who live the condition of homeless, as someone keeps calling with contempt those without a roof, You can know what are the needs. Understand what rights people claim - according to the promoters of the "union" of the homeless - is useful for those who then decides the policies of support and help what to do. There are homeless people who refuse the reintegration, or prefer the cold of the night in bed in a dormitory. “Maybe because in a dormitory should respect certain stakes - tell - Better small scattered facilities, that big pole”.

In the Italian Association plans homeless, that for now the temporary name, there is the idea of ​​proposing projects. The first relates to meetings in schools in order to raise awareness among teens about the homeless problem. Another project is the establishment of businesses that can create jobs to allow the homeless to recover a part of their dignity.



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