(43) #HomelessZero is not a slogan: here are the concrete actions

2017, Mar 15 | Actions, Events, News

#HomelessZero It is not a slogan. The awareness campaign promoted by fio.PSD - Italian Federation organisms homeless people under the patronage of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, It is one of the many ways used to convey a series of concrete actions to combat the serious adult marginalization and homelessness.

#HomelessZero He tells of a path well underway 30 fio.PSD years ago but now it is emancipated through new cognitive tools, to study a constantly evolving phenomenon, requiring immediate action.

The areas in which the fio.PSD is committed can in fact be traced back to three areas: the understanding of the phenomenon the serious adult marginalization; I study and the promotion of strategies and methods of intervention to counter the serious adult marginalization; awareness and promotion of the rights of adults severely marginalized.

In this view in March 2014, it fio.PSD, He has started a trial at national level with the establishment of a network called network “Housing First Italia” (NHFI). The expansion of the network and advocacy intervention FIO.psd has already enabled support approval, in December 2015, of the guidelines for the fight against homelessness adult marginalization by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, in collaboration with twelve metropolitan city.

In December, we were presented the trial data, prepared by members of the Scientific Committee formed specifically to analyze the trend of 35 projects launched in 27 common 10 Italian regions (Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Calabria and Sicily).

54 the members of the network, which in Italy are represented by municipalities, ecclesiastical or religious bodies, social cooperatives and other non-profit organizations that provide services directly contrast to the extremely marginalized and who have decided to join Housing first, primarily to consolidate and promote innovative experiences against homelessness.

The number of the people seen in the projects of organizations (already abundantly it communicated but it will help make memory), It stood at 376 adults and if these are added 180 sons, it reaches a total of 556 welcomed (with 77 households), mostly male (69%). Those being received in 2016, in analogy with those present since 2015, have a strong multi problematic: compared to ten domains of the problematic nature of social diagnosis entrance (family, home, work, income, instruction, salute, addictions, deviance, self-sufficiency and social) the average given that involves the accepted is about 5 problematic domains.

Income, home and work are the predominant features of discomfort and involve at least 8 people on 10; no income or insufficient income, absence of job or job insecurity, homeless and homeless are the most relevant specific problematic. health issues, of sociality, of family and of schooling are the second group of discomfort welcomed and involving 4/5 people every 10; illnesses, exclusion or marginalization, poor education and work skills, family difficulties are the problematic nature of this specific group.

#HomelessZero He wants to draw attention to all this, inviting the political world, associations, Labour, of health, civil society and the general public to actively participate in a welfare generative logic of the deployment of coordinated actions in which homeless people are an integral part and which have as their aim the recognition of human dignity and the enforceability of the inviolable rights already recognized by the Italian Constitution. Housing First also means that: bring forward a method but, mostly, an ideal of social justice and humanity to combat social exclusion and extreme marginality.

The great responsibility of the network is to continue to involve other, in helping to promote a cultural change, for little trail blazed by 2014 can become the largest route in order to address the problem permanently and effectively and to do justice to the homeless every day are turning to concierge services, up to the milestone of 5000 persons placed in homes, over the next two years.

An ambitious but not impossible, Whereas, during these months, fio.PSD, He was present and close to the territories for the all-important to its design 'notice 4 the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on PON / FEAD funds for the serious adult marginalization and has developed a training proposal for the revitalization of the Network. The proposal covers three progressive profiles of adhesion or "levels" training that you can learn on the site of Housing First Italia.



L’approccio Housing First (HF) It is developed in the United States since 1992 quando Sam Tsemberis avvia a New York “Pathways to Housing”, a program to combat homelessness, aimed to provide access to people in independent apartments without chronic dwelling with mental health problems and / or social disadvantage. What characterizes HF is believing the dwelling as the starting point and not the ultimate goal of a path contrary to the homeless. The availability of a house, the support of a team of local operators, social integration and the gradual return to community life, aspects are considered indispensable for the HF approach.

The operation of HF part of the system of social and health services with respect to which, however, puts the existing housing rights before any other welfare or therapeutic step. In social policies in Europe and in Italy it prevails what is called step approach (staircase approach), a reception system and progressive accompaniment and binding for the homeless, where the transition from the street to the dorm, from this to the community, apartment to groups, e, finally, a self contained accommodation are all necessary steps that the person must show that it can achieve (sobriety, abstinence, financial autonomy, etc). Over time, this approach has made many obvious limitations due to both the excessive standardization of steps at the expense of a custom project that considers the needs and the centrality of the person is at the difficulties the assisted ambitions to achieve results in the absence of an accompaniment and educational support.

The HF approach instead provides for the direct transition from the street with an assertive accompaniment of a team of operators that support people for all the time necessary to recover a state of well being and social integration and, mostly, It is based on self-determination of the person and of a goal of harm reduction.

Several positive results achieved by the Housing First experiments were reported in the US, Canada and several European countries.


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