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2017, Mar 22 | Events, News

It closed positively last night, "Face to face with each other", the photographic exhibition of Cristiano Marini, remained on display for a few weeks in Pisa Jardin du Colombre (Former Capuchin Monastery). The photos, that make up a social portrait dedicated primarily to homeless, They were taken while the protagonists, They were engaged in creative workshops (painting, theater, recycling, carpentry) of the project "Periscope”, activated by Society of Health of the Pisa area as part of law enforcement to the severe marginalization in the region and implemented by social cooperatives "Arnera" e "The symbol", socie fio.PSD.

An event that is also included in the city program of events related to the celebrations of the eighth anniversary of structure Homeless project Via Conte Fazio, inaugurated on 21 March 2009, which now houses a night asylum (until 34 beds), a day center, a door listening, a point PAAS and CISOM ethical clinic for the homeless. For the occasion, last night was held un'apericena open to the public, coinciding precisely with the closing of the photographic exhibition Cristiano Marini who wanted to be a way to bring the fate of the many homeless people who live in Pisa and the work of District Volunteers, which includes ordinary citizens, operators and homeless, who are committed to the Project Homeless, It has been active for 20 years.


The estimate of the average attendance in the city of the homeless in Pisa in 2016 and of 271 (145 foreigners and 126 Italian), a number in line with the previous year (266). This number was derived from the data of attendance at sensitive points: le people, the emporium, the listening Caritas centers, day and night center Homeless project and the people I met from the outdoor units of the Project Along The Way. from 2011 al 2016 there has been an increase in attendance of 12%, with an average annual growth rate of around 2,5%, in line with Istat. At the day care center on Via Conte Fazio there is a daily average of 43 attendance, with peaks between 60 e i 70 users.

The port facility in Sea, managed for the Society of Health Pisana Zone, from Cooperative "The Symbol" e "Arnera" It is the centerpiece of Project Homeless: in total 2016 They have been 938 (305 Italian and 633 foreigners) people come into contact with it (a number in line with 2015 because users were 931), mostly people passing through town, who use the services occasionally and sporadically. Women are about 15% of the total. The average age of users is Italian 42 years for men, 41 for women. Foreigners are on average younger: 36 years the average age of men and 39 that of women. of 305 Italians came in contact with the Center's activities, about 21% They were born in Pisa, the 19% in other cities of Tuscany and the remaining 60% It comes from other regions, particularly Southern Italy. As for the 633 foreign users, They come mainly from Eastern Europe and North Africa: Romania and Tunisia the most represented countries.

During the year, the good-night released from Via Conte Fazio Center were 654 (a 361 Italian and 293 foreigners), while the door listening over the 2016 has done 2448 talks. They were 422 Users point P.A.A.S., Active in the center two afternoons a week.

In 2016 there is a increase in services provided and distributed materials both in the center and in the street activities: 21.405 breakfast, 2.510 showers, 9.267 kits for personal hygiene, 9.405 dinners in structure and 6.251 in the street, 656 washing machines and 209 sacchi bareback. During the Cold Emergency, activated the first last December, They have been implemented extraordinary interventions: Night kindergarten were added others 6 beds than ordinary ones, the outputs of street units were also held at the weekend and was opened in January a low threshold space in Via Corridoni in collaboration with Public Assistance, Red Cross, CISOM.

"The initiatives of 14 he was born in 21 March was an opportunity to open a glimpse of a world unknown to most citizens and raise awareness of the work we do - says the president of the Society of Health Pisana Zone, Sandra Cardone - We are satisfied with how we handled the cold this winter emergency and especially to see that in these eight years the Project Homeless Center has become a reference point for many homeless, Failing to do an activity that is vital for them. The figures tell of how the crisis has also had an impact on those living on the street: in the last few years, the number has grown so slight but steady. Consequently, it is also increased the demand and the provision of services ".


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