About a year after the launch of the social communication campaign #HomelessZero, we are left with the Minister Giuliano Poletti e Cristina Avonto (President fio.PSD) to reflect on the things done together, on the commitment of the territories in dealing with daily challenges of poverty and the still to be invested to achieve the target resources; bring greetings from the City of Rome, Laura Baldassarre, Advisory alla Person, School and supportive community

The appointment is therefore Sunday 17 September, at the Reception Center "Mother Teresa" of the City of Rome (Via Assisi 39, Roma) for homeless people, where it all begins when suddenly you find yourself on the street. And where it seems that everything will end when after three years you are always there to share a meal and a bed

But what is beyond? There are houses Housing First, i co-housing, the local promotion centers, the insertion paths at work, self-employment, innovative projects, training days, insights, seminars and meetings

All this will be talking about the active protagonists and the users of the canteen, out of which the speakers will have lunch together for an exchange of experiences and emotions that can help trace a more appropriate way for the resolution of a social problem and above all human



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