Guiding Principles for Fighting Grave Marginalization YA in Italy

copertina_linee-220x300The Guiding Principles for Fighting Grave Marginalization YA in Italy They are the first official planning document in the extremely marginalized sector Government, Regions and local authorities are called to follow for investing public funds in services and innovative housing strategies, in what is emerging as the First National Plan for the Fight against Poverty.

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The fio.PSD It conducts meetings throughout Italy for illustration and promotion of Lines

already held meetings:

  • Trento, 28-11-2016
  • Cagliari, 28-11-2016
  • Brescia, 25-11-2016
  • Milano, 24-11-2016
  • Bergamo 17-10-2016
  • Reggio Calabria 29-9-2016
  • Cosenza 28-9-2016
  • Lamezia Terme 28-9-2016
  • Piedmont region 14-7-2016
  • Emilia Romagna region 29-6-2016
  • Bologna 27-6-2016
  • Palermo 15 e 22 June 2016
  • Bergamo 27-5-2016
  • Torino 21-4-2016
  • Genoa 12-5-2016
  • Genoa 28-4-2016
  • Modena 3-2-2016

National Survey on Homeless

55-000-psdThe 10 December 2015 Data were presented the Follow Up Survey of the Homeless, fruit of 5.000 interviews conducted by the 21 November to 20 December 2014 from over 1.000 volunteers throughout Italy

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The fio.PSD is committed gives 30 years in the human and social promotion of homeless people and in the design and implementation of research time, study and training on homelessness issues and the serious marginalization.

Training-2-768x246We realize for years training for the Regions, municipalities, Organizations profit and non-profit, religious bodies etc who want to explore the issues related to the severe marginalization and intervention approaches. To do so we use the wealth of knowledge gained thanks to the two editions (2011 e 2014) of the Survey on Homeless in Italy e the Survey on Services Grave Margins edited by fio.PSD, State, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Italian Caritas.

from 2016 we start specific support paths for all those organizations who want to integrate into their policies the guidelines provided in Guiding Principles for Fighting Grave Marginalization YA (Ministry of Labour and Social Policies) fio.PSD which oversaw the drafting.

Richard Gere susan-sarandon iain-glen salvatore-esposito sabrina-impacciatore primo-reggiani noemi nicolas-vaporidis matteo-branciamore matilda-de-angelis maria-grazia-cucinotta giuseppe-battiston filippo-nigro fabio-troiano fabio-de-luigi enrico-brignano emilio-solfrizzi cristiana-dellanna claudio-santamaria chiara-francini carmine-recano


The fio.PSD promotes #HomelessZero campaign in partnership with various actors, reality, bodies:

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
  • 116 members in 16 regions
  • Feantsa
  • Italian Caritas
  • TaorminaFilmFest
  • Tiziana Rocca Communication
  • TV2000
  • Sam Tsemberis
  • Network Housing First Italia
  • The Night of the Homeless

By TaorminaFilmFest in Venice

The Fed in recent months, He took the big occasion of the 62nd edition of the TaorminaFilmFest (11 June 2016) and 73rd Venice Film Festival in Venice (3 September 2016), to put the spotlight on the problem of homelessness through the launch of the social communication campaign #HomelessZero.

To Venice, the Minister for Labour and Social Policy, Giuliano Poletti present with the President of fio.PSD, Cristina Avonto, as well as presenting the campaign commercials #HomelessZero, they lent the face and voice many actors (over Richard Gere also Susan Sarandon e Iain Glen e many Italian actors), He has anticipated the publication of Proclamation to fund projects housing first for the homeless to be realized in the period 2016-2019.


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