Our campaign #HomelessZero

#HomelessZero is the awareness campaign promoted by fio.PSD (Italian Federation of Organisations for the Homeless) and sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for the implementation of measures and actions contained in Guiding Principles for Fighting Grave Marginalization YA in Italy

Starting from 7 June 2016 for one year countryside #HomelessZero live by commitments, occasions, events, collaborations that will be taken and developed around Italy (consultation l'Agenda)

Target: end extreme poverty in which they live today as well 50 thousand people (Istat-fio.PSD 2014)

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding signed in Poletti-Avonto (e Richard Gere)

The campaign is aimed at politicians, associations, Labour, of health, civil society and the public to draw their attention and invite them to participate actively in a welfare logic generative to deployment of coordinated actions in which homeless people are an integral part and which have as their objective the recognition of human dignity and chargeability of the inviolable rights already recognized by the Italian Constitution (Part one)

Campaign #HomelessZero It promotes and supports the spread on the national territory of innovative housing policies that impact the first (although not the only) deprivativo element of the homeless condition: home. Recognize the right to housing means to recognize housing as a gateway to services, as a safe place, comfortable and suitable as a starting point in a process of professional social support that slowly addressing the various issues related to homelessness (citizenship, the residence, Health, the right to work, education, culture, sociality, enjoyment of the commons, right to participation and representation)

#HomelessZero simply it means "no one should live more for the road"

#HomelessZero means "get out of emergency services for all"

#HomelessZero It means "to design the living and live a free life".

PARTICIPATES yourself to the campaign #HomelessZero SUPPORT and one of the projects carried out by fio.PSD

Candidates to host the 2016 a Federation event to celebrate with us thirty years at the service of Homeless and those who care for them

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