Poletti / Avonto one year after signing

2017, Sep 14 | Actions, Events, News

A little over a year after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Taormina, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Giuliano Poletti President and la di fio.PSD (Italian Federation organisms homeless) Cristina Avonto, They will meet in Rome to make a first summary of his activities. An opportunity to reflect on the things done together, on the commitment of the territories in dealing with daily challenges of poverty and the still to be invested to achieve the target resources “#HomelessZero”, which gave its name to the communication campaign which was joined many municipalities throughout Italy and some testimonial, how actors Richard Gere e Susan Sarandon and several other Italian.

The meeting will take place at the Welcome Center "Mother Teresa of Calcutta", one of the many facilities of the City of Rome for homeless, where it all begins when suddenly you find yourself on the street, and where it seems that everything will end when after three years you are always there to share a meal and a bed.

But what is beyond?

Ci sono le case Housing First, i co-housing, the local promotion centers, the insertion paths at work, self-employment, innovative projects, training days, insights, seminars and meetings. Many meetings to keep attention.

Sunday 17 September, the appointment is in the canteen of the Center "Mother Teresa" in via Assisi, 39, at 12.30 dove, together with Guests, have lunch the Minister Poletti, the president fio.PSD Avonto and the Head of Social of the municipality of Rome Laura Baldassarre. Following the press conference with journalists.


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